About Our Pottery

      Each piece of our pottery starts out as a lump of stoneware clay turning on a potter's wheel.  Although some pieces may look identical, each piece is unique in itself.  From the mixing of the clay to the finished pot ready for sale will take over a dozen various steps to complete.
     All of the glazes were developed by the potter for exclusive use at Hickory Hill Pottery.  The glazes are lead-free and great for everyday use.  All of the wares are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.  Once the glaze is applied, the pots are fired in a kiln to approximately 2250 degrees.  The firing takes over 10 hours to complete and 2 days to cool down.
     It is with pride that these utilitarian wares are produced.  Our goal is to keep the great tradition and heritage of the Seagrove area alive for yet another generation.  We hope you enjoy using our pots as much as we like producing them!